About Fauna

Mission_FaunaFoundation_JoanneMacArthur-1752_CREDITPhoto: © Jo-Anne McArthur.

Fauna Foundation’s Mission

The primary objective of Fauna Foundation is to create a protected environment for neglected, abused farm and domestic animals and former biomedical research chimpanzees. We aim, through education, to foster a better understanding of all animals while exploring our ethical responsibility as humans for the well being of all earth’s creatures.

In addition Fauna’s mission, we have a deeply felt concern for environmental issues, arising as much from shared and deeply-held beliefs as from the necessity to offer our Sanctuary residents a protected habitat in which they can thrive. This awareness has led to Fauna’s sanctuary land being designated as a Natural Reserve by the Québec government, under the name Réserve Naturelle du Ruisseau-Robert. Our land management program strives, among other things, to increase local bird populations. Fauna is a registered Canadian non-profit:  NEQ # 886077239RR0001.

Our Sister Organization — Fauna Sanctuary Inc.

In 2002, Fauna Foundation created a sister organization, the Fauna Sanctuary Inc, which is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in the United States. Fauna Sanctuary Inc. was established to help provide chimpanzees in sanctuaries with a quality life through the development and maintenance of a physical, emotional and social environment that best promotes their well being and provides for their needs, as much as captivity allows. Fauna Sanctuary Inc. helps provide funding for special projects and capital campaigns to help achieve these goals. In addition, Fauna Sanctuary Inc. funds educational programs and outreach efforts related to the lives of chimpanzees in captivity, their use in entertainment, research and as pets.