Caregiver Chronicles: Enrichment With Mary Lee and Tatu

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Enrichment, which includes activities that promote physical activity and mental stimulation, is essential for the well-being of captive chimpanzees. Chimpanzees have big brains with a relatively large cerebral cortex. In the wild, they spend their days foraging for food and there are ongoing challenges to engage their intellect. They socialize in complex groups and their bodies are in motion throughout the day whether climbing, walking, or active in play.  With chimpanzees in captivity, enrichment provides a way to infuse some of the complexity of the natural enviroment into thier daily routine. Stimulation is essential to help keep their bodies and brains engaged. Providing enrichment not only helps prevent boredom, but it further develops bonds and strengthens relationships between the chimpanzees and the humans that care for them. (more…)

Introductions in the Fauna Chimphouse

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Dolly and Blackie Meet Sue Ellen

We had an exciting week of introductions in the Fauna Chimphouse as Dolly and Blackie met their first Fauna family member up close and in person! Since arriving in late November, Dolly and Blackie have lived together with each other but separate from the other Fauna residents, allowing them time to get familiar with their new surroundings. When introducing new chimpanzees it is important that they first are comfortable in their new home before making any meetings in the same enclosure. (more…)

Dolly and Blackie Move to Fauna

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Getting to Know Dolly and Blackie

These first days and weeks with Dolly and Blackie have been very special. I wanted to get some news to you as soon as possible as I am sure you are all anxious to hear how our new residents are doing.

It is always scary and can be dangerous for chimpanzees to leave the surroundings they have known for so many years to go to a new place. The move can be stressful and there is no guarantee they will be happy in their new home. We have experienced all scenarios here at Fauna and have witnessed great joy upon arrival and at times seen deep sadness. We are very aware of the dangers in relocating chimpanzees, especially the increased risks when moving elders. (more…)

Fauna Welcomes Blackie and Dolly

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New Residents Blackie and Dolly arrive from Parc Safari

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Blackie and Dolly from Parc Safari, a zoo south of Montreal in Hemmingford. Dolly and Blackie, 49 and 48, have lived at Parc Safari over 40 years. They lost two family members this year, Rene and Daisy. Chimpanzees should live in large communities, so two chimpanzees is not a social group. Fauna applauds Parc Safari in their decision to send these two to Fauna where they will have the opportunity for new friends, enrichment, care, meals, and space in the sunset of their lives. (more…)