Dr. Jensvold’s Commentary in Animal Sentience

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Can a nonhuman commit suicide?

This question is addressed in a target article in the journal Animal Sentience with Dr. Jensvold’s commentary.


Claims are often made about behaviors being unique to humans; the evidence usually shows they are not. Sign language studies on chimpanzees may provide a useful model for comparative studies of suicide. A productive approach to comparative studies is to focus on observable behaviors rather than getting lost in the pitfalls of vague definitions and changing measures.

The author of the target article, David Pena-Guzman, participated in the Fauna Chimpopolis activities last year.

Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold Biography


Update on Positive Reinforcement Training for Eugene

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In December we informed you of the Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) that Eugene would be receving to help him accept an injection. You can read the post here.

Eugene’s training is progressing very well. Through a generous grant from National Anti-Vivisection Society and thoughtful donations from our individual supporters, we are able to continue his training with the expert supervision of Margaret Whittaker, an Animal Behavior Consultant and President of Creative Animal Behavior Solutions. Margaret was with us at Fauna last week continuing the training and we are making great progress. Over the first few days, Eugene was allowing his Caregiver to touch his arm with a capped syringe. As the training progressed, by the end of the week Eugene was accepting the uncapped, blunt syringe to make contact with his skin.


Fauna Anniversary Event-SOLD OUT!

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20 Years of Providing Care and Conservation at Fauna Foundation

(Tickets for this event are sold out!)

Join us October 21st for a special Fauna Anniversary Event featuring a presentation by Zoocheck founder, Rob Laidlaw.

Nature in a Box: Reflections on Animal Captivity and Why We Should Care
A thought provoking, illustrated presentation exploring the myths and realities of wildlife captivity, the plight of captive animals in Canada and how we can all contribute to creating a better, more humane world for animals. (more…)

Heath Update on Theo

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We wanted to take a moment to share a health update about Theo.  For those of you who do not know Theo, he is a magnificent olive baboon that has been living in the Fauna monkeyhouse for 16 years. He was caught in the wild and was used by the University of Western Ontario as a blood donor for other baboons who had received kidney transplants for experimental purposes. He was 4 years old when he came to live at Fauna. (more…)