Meet Our Chimps

Above Photo: © Jo-Anne McArthur. Below Photo: © NJ Wight.

In 1997, Fauna had the privilege of welcoming 15 chimpanzees — Annie, Billy Jo, Binky, Chance, Donna Rae, Jean, Jethro, Pablo, Pepper, Petra, Rachel, Regis, Sue Ellen, Tom and Yoko — from the now defunct research laboratory LEMSIP (Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates). In 2002, we welcomed the arrival of Toby, from the St-Felicien Zoo, followed in 2007 by Maya, Sophie and Spock from the Quebec City Zoo, who were also used in research as children. Loulis and Tatu, both signing chimpanzees, were welcomed in 2013 from CHCI (Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute) in Ellensburg, Washington State. Our last two chimpanzees, Dolly and Blackie, arrived at Fauna from parc Safari in hemmingford QC on Novermber 28, 2016.

Sadly, ten of our resident chimps have passed over the years (see our In Remembrance tribute). We are grateful that they were able to live out the remainder of their lives safely here at Fauna, and they all still hold a special place in our hearts even today.

Today, the sanctuary is home to 13 chimpanzees. In addition to the other primates and animals we care for, the Fauna resident chimps have become a major focus.


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