Birthday: February 9, 1976 – December 04, 2017

Spock has been a dream chimp. He has flourished in his new life at Fauna, befriended many of his fellow residents and found a place within some groups. He is a remarkable chimpanzee and has brought much love and kindness into the lives of all the chimps.

When Spock came to Fauna in November 2007, he arrived with his close friends Sophie and Maya. In April 2008, not long after they arrived, Sophie passed away. Surely this loss was hard on Spock, but thankfully he had Maya still in his world and a wonderful new friend in Tom.

From the moment Spock and Tom met, it seemed they had known each other for years. They were connected in a deeply special way and for Tom it seemed Spock was the chimpanzee soulmate he had been looking for, for a long time. Tom had Pat Ring, a human friend of many years. That relationship helped him trust humans again and grow in a deeply moving way. It was an amazing example to all the chimpanzees here; the kinds of relationships and friendships they could have with humans, including trusting and having faith in humans and some well-deserved peace around humans.

With Tom providing the daily support and love he needed, Spock’s new life began rather quickly. His days were spent laughing, playing and bonding with Tom. It often seemed as though they were long-time soulmates. It seemed more like a reunion, rather than a first meeting.

Their relationship was a blessed one and it put Spock in a great position with the group. Tom’s relationships with all the younger fellows was secure and wonderful. In his welcoming of Spock, Tom made introductions to this new fellow so much easier. Now, Jethro adores Spock and so does Binky. They dote on him and value his friendship as they did Tom’s. Regis likes Spock, but has not experienced living with him yet. Spock, like Tom, has a fatherly way about him. His fabulous social skills have been a blessing in this environment; he picked up where Annie, Tom and Pepper left off.

Spock is always up for fun, like grooming sessions, hanging out or eating with the group. His food grunts are contagious, as are his greetings. When Spock is happy about something, the others are, too. He lets everyone know (and really can’t keep a secret like Binky or Petra can). The only time Spock gets angry and displays it is when strangers come. This stresses him; perhaps bringing on flashbacks of his life at the zoo.

There are sections of the building he has more difficulty living in; for example, the glassed-in area that resembles his old zoo enclosure. He seems to feel uncomfortable in this space and gets really angry when people look in the window at him, as they would have done at the zoo. He also doesn’t like strangers standing too close to his favourite humans; he will display emotion until there is a separation.

If Spock has gone into a private space, he prefers to be left alone and we all respect and appreciate. As social as Spock is, when he wants privacy he is serious and does not like to de disturbed. It’s the only thing he really ever asks for. Spock has heart problems, so it is rare he is part of large dynamic groups. Instead, he seems to prefer smaller more intimate groups and we all like it that way.

Recently, he was reunited with Sue Ellen after Chance was evicted once again. Chance just gets too fresh sometimes and Sue Ellen gets really annoyed, wanting to be alone. When Spock met up with Sue Ellen again in August of 2013, he was wonderful, kind, generous, supportive and very laid back. They spent hours relaxing in the skywalk and eating meals together in some of their favourite locations. He is someone we hope to introduce to Loulis and Tatu. He has shown an interest in meeting them and I truly hope Spock can be a wonderful friend to either or both of them.

Fauna Foundation Resident Chimp - Spock
Fauna Foundation Resident Chimp - Spock
Fauna Foundation Resident Chimp - Spock

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