Fauna's Adopt-a-Chimp Program

Photo: © Jo-Anne McArthur

Fauna's Adopt-a-Chimp

Welcome to Adopt-a-Chimp, our adoption program for the Fauna Foundation’s chimpanzee sanctuary. Whether retired from laboratory research, rescued from zoos or due to other situations, the chimpanzeess who call our sanctuary home have been given the chance to live and relax in peace. No longer confined to tiny cages or subjected to invasive experiments, the chimps now delight in the simple pleasures of life: sunshine and fresh air on their faces, room to play and rest, plenty of special treats to eat and new things to discover.


Why Adopt?

All combined, the Fauna Foundation chimps have survived approximately 250 years in biomedical research. The subjects of everything from liver biopsies to experimental HIV drugs, the majority of the chimps have spent most of their lives in pain and isolation. We believe this is our opportunity to provide care for these special individuals in their much deserved retirement.

By “adopting” a chimp today, you play an important role in the chimp’s ongoing recovery. Chimpanzees in captivity can become bored and restless if their environment does not change. To keep the chimps mentally stimulated, we must continually expand and enhance their enclosures and provide enrichment activities for them to explore. Proceeds from our Adopt-a-Chimp Program go directly to this important work.

Step 1 — Who To Adopt?

The first step is deciding which chimpanzee you’d like to “adopt!” This will be the chimpanzee that will be featured in your Adoption Package that will come in the mail to you. You can meet our chimps and read about the charismatic residents who call our Sanctuary home here:

Meet the Fauna Chimpanzees!


Step 2 — How To Adopt?

Once you have identified the chimpanzee you’d like to adopt, next you’ll complete the easy online form to order your Adoption Package.

When you adopt a chimpanzee from Fauna, you’ll receive a detailed Adoption Package in the mail as a cherished keepsake. The Adoption Package includes an information booklet about life at the Sanctuary, a biography of your chosen chimpanzee, a personalized adoption certificate, a letter of thanks from founder, Gloria Grow, and Adopt‑a‑Chimp postcards you can keep or send to friends.

Click to Complete the Adoption Form.


Once you complete the online adoption order form, it should take roughly three weeks to process the order, create the custom Adoption Package and mail it out to you. Actual mailing time is determined by Canada Post.

Adoption Package Prices

Our basic Adoption Package is CDN$ 55 for Canadian and continental U.S. orders and CDN$ 60 for international orders.

Our “Chimp Chums” Adoption Package, which includes everything in basic package plus an additional adoption certificate and extra special chimp bio, is CDN$ 80 for Canadian and continental U.S. orders and CDN$ 85 for international orders.

All prices include shipping and handling.

Make It a Gift!

Our Adoption Package is the perfect gift, and makes a truly unique holiday or birthday present for family or friends who appreciate gifts that make a difference in the world.

If you are purchasing an Adoption Package as a gift, please be sure to specify the name of the person you would like on the adoption certificate. There is a field for this in the online order form. If this adoption package is a gift that you would like to send directly to the recipient, please also provide his or her address.

Choose your Adopted Chimpanzee!

Can’t Decide?

Is choosing just one chimp for adoption too hard? You can always make a donation that will benefit all the chimpazees of Fauna Foundation! Please note that if you choose to make a donation you do not receive an adoption package.

Still have more questions about the Adopt-a-Chimp program, Fauna Foundation or the chimpanzees themselves? You’ll probably find the answer here in our Adopt-a-Chimp FAQ.