Amazon Wish List – Everyday Items

Rachel_Everydayitems_NWPhoto: © NJ Wight.

You can purchase everyday items on our Amazon Wish List to help the chimps! At Fauna, a wide variety of toys are given as enrichment on a daily basis. Below are the items we desperately need. However, it’s also important that the toys are safe for the chimps to play with and donations are sanitary, so please note our toy and donation restrictions. Thank you for your kind generosity!

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Amazon Wish List

To ensure safety, our restrictions on toys and other donations include:

    • No glass.
    • No breakable mirrors. Mirrors that the chimps may have must be the plastic kind.
    • No soft rubber, foam or plastic, such as plastic bags, as several of the chimps enjoy consuming soft and chewy rubber which is dangerous.
    • All items must be new! We cannot accept used items for health and safety reasons.

Please review our list of non-donatable items. If you are unsure of whether an item is safe or not, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your gifting.

Desired Enrichment Items for Residents:

Masks (dress up type)
plastic mirrors
brushes, combs (preferably wooden handles)
material hair scrunchies
crayons, coloring books
spray bottles
wooden toys
scarves, socks, gloves
books, magazines
lipstick, nail polish (non-toxic)
nail grooming kits
boomer balls
PVC tubing
non toxic paint (crayola)
paint brushes
back scratchers
Hoola Hoops
Plastic Sand Buckets
Plastic shovels
Jewelry and necklaces (bigger, colourful, plastic – no metal)
Children’s pools
Musical instruments (hard plastic) – flutes, tamborines, etc.
Scrub brushes (no soft rubber handles, only hard plastic)
Plastic cups (strong, flexible)

Supplies for Making Enrichment:

Construction Paper
Brown Jute string
Balloons for making pinatas
Large rolls of brown/white paper
tissue paper (gift wrapping)
wrapping paper
tape (masking, scotch, big rolls of plastic tape)
glue (sticks, liquid)
paper bags

Kitchen Supplies:

Paper Dixie cups (small)
Dish rags
Stainless steel bowls (small)
Kitchen utensils (spoons, knives, serving spoons, etc.)
Pots and pans (especially a new frying pan)
Baking dishes
Radios with strong speakers

Office Supplies:

Sharpie markers
Dry erase markers
Clip boards
Coffee for staff
Sugar packets for staff

Cleaning Supplies:

Laundry detergent
Dish soap
Scrubbie sponges
Squeegees for Windows

Medical Supplies:

Medical gloves
Eye drops
Pill containers
Dixie cups
Grape juice


Maintenance/Grounds Supplies:

Recycled lumber
Garbage Containers
Zip ties

Super-Duper Dream List!:

Golf carts
Pick-up truck
Flat screen TVs
Heater rubber mats for skywalks (to keep little toes warm in the winter)

Thank you for your kind generosity!