Become a Fauna Supporter

Sue-Ellen eating at Fauna Foundation. NJ WightPhoto: © NJ Wight.

Become a Fauna Supporter and Make a Difference!

Become a Fauna supporter today and you too can positively impact the lives of the chimpanzees, monkeys, and farm animals living at Fauna’s Sanctuary. All donations of $50 or more include a one-year subscription to The Scoop, Fauna’s printed newsletter, delivered to your mailbox.

$ 50.00

Buys apples for the chimpanzees for one week.

$ 85.00

Supplies peanuts for two weeks for the chimpanzees and monkeys.

$ 150.00

Supports one Animal Caregiver’s salary for one day.

$ 500.00

Provides romaine lettuce for one week for the chimpanzees.

$ 1,000.00

Provides produce for one week for the chimpanzees.

$ 5,000.00

Provides complete care for the chimpanzees for three days AND an opportunity to visit the sanctuary to see your donation dollars at work.

The donations and support we get from people just like you around the world, who share our love and commitment to the residents of Fauna, is what allows us to continue this work. We are grateful for your financial help, so we can care for those who call Fauna home. Thank you for your generous and thoughtful contribution!


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