Non-Donatable Items

(Updated January 6, 2016)

While Fauna is extremely grateful for the generosity of our supporters, there are non-donatable items that we cannot accept. This is for reasons of health, sanitation and safety of the primates. Before you send any items in to Fauna, please make sure you avoid all items on the list below as we cannot use them.

Non-Donatable Items That We Cannot Use

Baby formula
Junk food
Opened food containers
Food not in original packaging (e.g., food in ziplock bags)
Water Enhancers (e.g., MIO, crystal light, etc)
Breakable items: glass, porcelain, ceramics, mirrors, etc.
Empty medication bottles
Recyclable (empty) food and drink containers

Additionally, No USED Items Such As

Bedding (blankets, sheets)
Toiletries (i.e., shampoo bottles, soap bottles, etc)
Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls
Wipe containers (i.e., Huggies)

If you are unsure of whether an item is safe or not, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your gifting.

If you wish to donate items, there are many everyday items that we do desperately need. You may order items off of our Amazon Wish List and they will be shipped directly to Fauna. Thank you for your kind generosity!